How to troubleshooting when ZUMIMALL is unable to connect to your WIFI?

Pls check the following tips:

1.Make Sure that you are choosing the right camera type when you add the camera.
A:Yes, I am sure
B:No, I am not sure if it is right. (How to choose the right camera type?)

2.Make sure you are connecting your ZUMIMALL device to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network
A: Yes. I am sure I have a 2.4ghz WIFI.
B: No. I am not sure if it is a 2.4ghz WIFI . (How to connect 2.4ghz WIFI)

3.Make sure your phone or mobile device is connected to the same 2.4 Ghz network that you are trying to connect your camera to. 
A: Yes. I know how to connect my phone to 2.4ghz WIFI.
B: No. I am not sure how to. (How to connect 2.4ghz WIFI)

4.Make sure you typed the correct WiFi network SSID (network name) and password. 
A:Yes, I am sure my password is right.
B:No. I am not sure. (a:You can tap the password eye icon to view your password before submitting.
b:Please delete the WIFI network on your phone and reconnect by entering the password again to confirm if the password is correct.)

5.Ensure your mobile device and ZUMIMALL camera are within the WiFi signal range of your WiFi router.
During setup, we recommend placing your camera within 10-15 feet (3-4.5 meters) of your WiFi router.
After the camera is set up and connected, you can move the camera anyplace within range of your WiFi router.
A:Yes,I connect the camera near the router.
B:No,I have a problem of that.( Contact to Customer Service with Details)

6.Ensure the camera is in the reset state before scanning the QR code.The indicator should be flashing red slowly.
A:Yes. It is.
B:No. I don’t know how to reset it. (How to reset and connect?)

7.Ensure you are not using a VPN on your mobile device.
A:No. I didn’t use VPN.
B:Yes. I use one. (Pls close the VPN or use another phone without VPN)

8.Ensure the router firewall settings allow the access.
If your router is set to block access or has a high firewall level, it may prevent the camera from connecting. Please disable the firewall temporarily, connect the camera, and then re-enable it.
A:No. I didn’t open it.
B:I am not sure. (Pls check with the router provider. )

Pls have a check. If still not work, pls contact customer service and tell us which tips you are not sure. So we could help you better. Thank you!


  • Linda Baker

    Message from my camera: The lens is disabled, unable too view stream and record.
    I was watching it and was working perfectly then suddenly a black screen with this message.

  • Tierra

    I have 4 solar powered wireless cameras. 2 are connected to my network and working perfectly. I cannot get the other 2 to connect to my wifi. I have tried every method available in the tutorial and online.

  • Haroon

    One of my Zumimall cameras disconnected from the network while I was charging it. Now I have tried everything, but it doesn’t reconnect to the network. Can anyone help.

  • Janice Kendziorski

    Hi! I have two of the p1080 wireless cameras set up at our vacation home. One of the wireless cameras is not holding its charge. My daughter charged the camera and left it charging for over 24 hours. When she connected the camera again it said it was 100 % charged. After being put back in place the charge only lasted a couple of hours. Do you know if there is something we can do to correct this problem or is there something wrong with the camera battery? Please let me know your thoughts? Thank you!

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