Brand Story


ZUMIMALL was established in 2008, focusing on the design and research of intelligent security technology.

We adhere to the consumer as the core, and strive to create smart home products for consumers that lead the global home fashion trend. Believe that the spirit of craftsman creates high-quality products, and technology changes life. With high-quality products and first-class service, it has won the love and trust of millions of customers as soon as it is listed. Over the years, ZUMIMALL has served 45 continents, covering 80% of the population. We are providers of smart lifestyles and guardians of the good moments in your life.

ZUMIMALL is a global smart home security camera brand developing the best wireless security cameras and doorbells.

Trusted by 2000000+ users and featured in top media publications for the top reliable and budget friendly security products for home and business around the world.

The ZUMIMALL security camera and wifi doorbell range includes all the essentials needed in a reliable and versatile yet affordable security camera that's wireless and can be set up in seconds.

Our camera has been reviewed globally as the #1 wireless bullet security camera on the market..

All our products run on the ZUMIMALL or DZEES app which is free to download on your iOs or Android device.  It depends on what brands products you bought from us. ZUMIMALL Brand works with ZUMIMALL app, DZEES Brand works with DZEES app. Just set it up to your WIFI and you connected from anywhere in the world. Whether you in America or Canada - you always in control and on the lookout.

Our goal is to make security safe and simple.

Whether you at home, business, family, or friend - we want to ensure everyone can protect themselves with affordable quality security without compromising safety.