About Fees

About APP:

Both ZUMIMALL and some of the TieJus security cameras(e.g. TJ-Q6, TJ-X1P2, TJ-E5K, TJ-J7, TJ-J9, TJ-GQ2) use ZUMIMALL APP


About ZUMIMALL Cloud Storage:

1. Click on the camera to enter the live page
2. Click on the top right corner of the settings button
3. Click on cloud storage service
You can view the detailed package content in the APP
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Cloud storage & AI Intelligent Recognition Price List:

G4 Camera — Mobile SIM Card Package Price:
Note: The cloud service of ZUMIMALL APP is for single camera, open one camera's cloud service, and the others don't have cloud service, need to buy separately; cloud service is only cloud storage, can save the alarm video in the cloud.
ZUMIMALL APP's AI intelligence is for a single camera, open a camera's AI intelligent recognition, others also have no AI intelligent recognition, need to buy separately;
PS: AI analysis Identify the content of the main body of the screen: people, pets, vehicles, packages. And analyze its action behavior to make smarter push messages.

About APP:

Some of the TieJus security cameras(e.g. TJ-PG1, TJ-MW3K, TJ-MA3) use O-Kam Pro APP

About O-Kam Pro AI Smart Service:

● Click the Settings icon at the bottom right corner of the camera on the homepage, or click the Settings icon at the top right corner on the live page to enter the system settings of the camera.
● Click AI Smart Service on the system settings page.
Security Cameras(TJ-PG1, TJ-MW3K, TJ-MA3)——AI Smart Service
1. The package purchased for one device can only be used by a single device.
2. Apple will display the location of the account according to the apple id, such as US dollars in the US, Japanese yen in Japan, and so on.
Google shows Hong Kong Dollars according to the bank card bound to the account, for example, if it is a Hong Kong bank card.
Mubilife security cameras use ANLIFE APP
ANLIFE app logo
About ANLIFE Intelligent Service:
1. In the user interface, click Awareness Services
2. Check the subscription fee and package content of Basic, Upgrade and Pro versions
Wireless Security Cameras(MD3K, G7Bk, Q8K, BFQ8)— Intelligent Service
Note: ANLIFE APP's Premium Service is an account opened Premium Service, cameras added under this account can enjoy the features of the Premium Service; Premium Service includes AI classification and detection, customized detection area, cloud storage memory capacity is larger and longer!