Frequently Asked Question

Sorry. at the moment, except for the MA3 which is a dual band 2.4G/5G camera, other cameras can only support 2.4G but not 5G.

Installation advice (Graphic and Text)

①Select the location where the camera needs to be installed, and take the camera and mobile phone to the location to add.

②After the addition is successful, use the "installation guide" in the application to perform network diagnosis to determine whether the WI-FI signal of the location is good. It is recommended to place the camera in a location with good WI-FI signal.

③After confirming the installation, fix the camera on the bracket and adjust the lens angle.

Notes on installing the camera: 1. It is recommended to install the camera at an angle of 10°-15° with the wall; 2. 2.5m above the ground; 3. Avoid installing it on busy streets; 4. Keep away from air-conditioning outlets and other wireless devices.

①Do not install the product near heat sources, such as outdoor units of air conditioners, kitchen exhaust vents, etc.

②Make sure that there is no reflector within 5 feet of the PIR sensor, otherwise it will interfere with the normal function of the sensor.

③Try to avoid installing the product on the side of a busy road, pedestrians and vehicles passing by frequently will wake up constantly camera, causing frequent alarm messages and fast battery consumption.

④Do not install the product in a place very far away from the router, the product needs a good WI-FI signal to work normally.

1. Click the camera to enter the live page
2. Go to the settings screen
3. Click on the device version
4. Virtual ID

(Graphic and Text)

The camera supports up to 128G Micro SD Card.And the SD need to be Micro SD, reaching at least 10MB/S to transfer.

It is recommended to insert the Micro SD card when the camera is turned off, otherwise the camera may not be able to detect the SD card.

①Because the network environment has changed, the camera disconnected from the office WIFI.

②Need to connect to the home WIFI to reset and add.

①The working time of the device determines the battery life. The more frequent PIR wake-ups and alarms, the longer the working time of the device, the shorter the battery life of the device. Please check whether the number of alarms is too frequent, it is recommended to appropriately lower the motion detection sensitivity of the device, set the alarm interval and alarm time plan.

②Check whether there are objects that interfere with and trigger the PIR sensor in the field of view of the equipment, such as the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, driving cars, passing pedestrians, etc. The angle of the device can be adjusted appropriately to avoid these easily disturbing objects.

③In cold weather, the battery capacity will be reduced, which will affect the endurance of the device.

①Check whether the night vision mode is adjusted in the App settings, if so, turn off the night vision mode, or set it to automatic.

②Check if there are obstructions in front of the camera lens, and if there is any obstruction, clean it up.

①If the camera and mobile phone are too close (1~2 meters), howling will occur, which is a normal phenomenon.

②It is recommended to keep the camera and mobile phone far away during intercom.

③There is no distance limit for intercom.

①It will also record alarm video.

②The new alarm video will automatically overwrite the oldest alarm video and save it.

①In the app, lower the sensitivity of the motion detection alarm.

②Check whether there are objects that interfere and trigger the PIR sensor in the field of view of the equipment, such as the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the car, etc.

③The angle of the equipment can be adjusted appropriately to avoid these easily disturbing objects.

④Turn on "Alarm when only people appear", and use humanoid algorithm to filter useless alarms.

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All our wireless cameras are perfect to be used as a baby monitor or even a pet camera.

In fact- many customers who have purchased the Q1 use the wireless camera for exactly that. As it has two-way communication, night vision mode (perfect for sleeping babies), motion detection notifications, and it’s wire-free.

Keep your entire family safe, have a close eye on your baby, use it as a nanny cam, or chat to your pets from work.

Here's some top features confirming the ZUMIMALL range is perfect to be used as Baby Monitor and Pet Cam:

Two-way talk: For those of your who like talking to their pets, and miss them when they’re not home - now they can. Using their mobile phone they can have a chat with their cat or dog with the click of a button. listen in and talk to the pets or people you are monitoring?

Night vision: Clear view of your child in low light is crucial for a baby monitor

Wide Angle Lens: Our camera's  include 130+ degrees wide-angle lens to ensure you get a wide view of the room.

Any wireless device connected to the internet has the ability to get hacked. But it’s rare. Our security camera technology includes smart encryption software keeping your recordings secure. So videos of your home, family, the kids and pets are encrypted with smart protection.

Tips on Keeping Your Video an Recording Secure.

Purchase a camera or security system from a globally recognised brand like ZUMIMALL.

Make sure the camera model is designed by a business you can trust. And most of all -  offers top customer support Get your home WIFI network setup properly.

Don’t use those default passwords that came with your router or modem. Be smart about securing your wireless network. home Wi-Fi network is.

Reset and update the firmware on your router and configure settings for the 2.4Ghz channel together with the 5ghz channel. Keep your camera secured in a box and out-of site when you’re not using it, so the lens is covered entirely If you’re not using your camera - don’t use it.

Turn off the power completely and stop the app running on your device. Download the authorised APP ZUMIMALL from the App store on iOS or Android.

Make sure it’s the latest genuine version using the QR code supplied in the manual provided.