Troubleshooting for Connection Problem - Try to connect(7)

After confirm all above, pls try to connect the camera by following step by step

1.Open the app and select the Add ""+"" button
2.Choose a different product category (How to choose)
3. The app will choose the 2.4 WIFI which your phone had connected,pls enter the right password. 
4.Turn on your camera, long press ""reset"" button, till you hear the sound of ""boogu"", and the indicator light flash red slowly. This means the reset is successful. 
5.Scan the QR code 
6.Waiting for a connection

If still cann't connect, pls provide your order number and the SN number of camera to us. 
We will apply a solution for you. 


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the app keeps saying lost connection i’ve tried several time it did come back on once but went back to lost connection.

philip vernon

I have great Wi-Fi and router connections – I called to verify with my carrier – all of a sudden camera on doorbell won’t work. Can’t re-add device . SN 102486492 can’t find order number right now


I kept loosing connection and changed my wifi equipment, (modem & router ) and now the app is telling me connection failed!my order # is113-9770741-9545838 there are four cameras I’m working with two for now SN#112252287 and 112015590

Curtis Hunt

Hi, I have tried connecting the camera to WiFi several times but the app on my phone keeps telling me it cannot find device.
All connections are working as I have tried a different camera so it is not a WiFi issue.
It recognises the bar code bleeps and my phone is telling me it is trying to connect but after 2 minutes, device not found.
Have you any ideas what the problem is.
Kind regards Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy

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