MA3 How can I set the recording mode I need?

1.Need only 24/7 recording. No Motion Detection.
TF Record Settings→Recording Mode→24h Recording
Monitoring Function→Motion Detection→OFF
2.Need Only Motion Detection
TF Record Settings→Recording Mode→Motion Detection Video Recording
Monitoring Function→Motion Detection→Motion Detection
3.Need Schedule Recording
TF Record Settings→Recording Mode→Schedule Recording→Set a plan
Monitoring Function→Motion Detection→Motion Detection or Human Detection
4.Need 24/7 recording and motion detection
TF Record Settings→Recording Mode→24h recording
Monitoring Function→Motion Detection→Motion Detection

5.Need 24/7 recording and Human Detection
TF Record Settings→Recording Mode→24h recording
Monitoring Function→Motion Detection→Human Detection

Please note that the camera cannot be set to only human detection while disable 24-hour recording , as human detection can only be recognized when the entire person is within the camera's view, making it prone to missing detections.

If you don't need 24-hour recording, you can set up only motion detection.
No need to worry about the camera not recording when the SD card is full; new videos will automatically overwrite the oldest ones once the SD card is full.


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