Q: How long the battery can last?
A: This wireless camera has built-in a rechargeable 10400mAh battery, which lasts up to 3-6 months depending to motion-detecting time. (NOTICE: It should be fully charged before the first use.) 

Q: Does it use 5g or 2.4 g wifi?
A: The device requires 2.4G Wi-Fi connection. 5G Wi-Fi is not supported.

Q: Do I have to pay for the App and the cloud service?
A: No, app is without charge and cloud is only one option. The other option is to use an SD card , one purchase for permanent use.

Q: How far is the night vision of this camera?
A: The night vision can reach 55ft far, while the detection distance of PIR(Passive Infra Red) sensor is 32 ft.

Q: Does it record 24/7 when no motion is detected?                                              A: No, It only records when motion detected.

What's Your Shipping policy

We normally ship out in 24-48 hours and will delivery in 3-5 business days.

We ship to US & CA only

Returns and exchanges

We will offer new replacement if the camera is defective in 1month

You can contact with us by support@zumimall.com We will help you step by step

All our wireless cameras are perfect to be used as a baby monitor or even a pet camera.

In fact- many customers who have purchased the Q1 use the wireless camera for exactly that. As it has two-way communication, night vision mode (perfect for sleeping babies), motion detection notifications, and it’s wire-free.

Keep your entire family safe, have a close eye on your baby, use it as a nanny cam, or chat to your pets from work.

Here's some top features confirming the ZUMIMALL range is perfect to be used as Baby Monitor and Pet Cam:

Two-way talk: For those of your who like talking to their pets, and miss them when they’re not home - now they can. Using their mobile phone they can have a chat with their cat or dog with the click of a button. listen in and talk to the pets or people you are monitoring?

Night vision: Clear view of your child in low light is crucial for a baby monitor

Wide Angle Lens: Our camera's  include 130+ degrees wide-angle lens to ensure you get a wide view of the room.

Any wireless device connected to the internet has the ability to get hacked. But it’s rare. Our security camera technology includes smart encryption software keeping your recordings secure. So videos of your home, family, the kids and pets are encrypted with smart protection.

Tips on Keeping Your Video an Recording Secure.

Purchase a camera or security system from a globally recognised brand like ZUMIMALL.

Make sure the camera model is designed by a business you can trust. And most of all -  offers top customer support Get your home WIFI network setup properly.

Don’t use those default passwords that came with your router or modem. Be smart about securing your wireless network. home Wi-Fi network is.

Reset and update the firmware on your router and configure settings for the 2.4Ghz channel together with the 5ghz channel. Keep your camera secured in a box and out-of site when you’re not using it, so the lens is covered entirely If you’re not using your camera - don’t use it.

Turn off the power completely and stop the app running on your device. Download the authorised APP CloudEdge from the App store on iOS or Android.

Make sure it’s the latest genuine version using the QR code supplied in the manual provided.