What could I do if the camera's PTZ cannot rotate?

If your camera PTZ is unable to rotate, try these steps:

1. Please tap on the PTZ Correction feature in the app to see if the camera PTZ can rotate properly.
2. If not, please try updating the app and contacting customer support to get the latest firmware. This could be a software compatibility issue.
3. Reset the camera and try adding it again in the app.
4. Attempt to manually move the PTZ to see if it responds to external force.
5. Contact Support: If the problem persists, reach out to customer support. Provide your order number, SN number, and a video showing the rotation issue. Mention the steps you've already taken to avoid redundant requests.

The serial number usually starts with 10 or 11 and can be found on a sticker labeled "SN:" or within the app's camera information section.

Email: customer@zumimall.com

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