How to connect the camera to O-Kam pro app?


How to connect:
How to reset:

1.Pull out the silicone plug on the back of the camera.

2.Power on the camera: Flip the switch to on. Or Press the camera's powerbutton for 3~5 seconds

3.Wait for the camera to say "pleaseuse app to configure your wifi".

And the camera indicator blinks blue slowly.
( If not, you may need to reset the camera)

4.Click the "+" sign in the top right corner and scan the QR code on the

5.Confirm heard tone and click Next.

6.Choose 2.4ghz WIFI and enter right password. Then use the camera to scan the code.

7.Hear a 'beep' to indicatethat the scan is successful.

8.Waiting for the camera to connect.

9.If the page is changed, the configuration is successful.

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