What could I do if the camera's white light isn't working?

If your camera's white light isn't functioning, follow these steps to identify and resolve the issue.

Step 1: Check Basic Connections
Ensure that the camera is powered on and properly connected. If it is, proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: Troubleshoot Specific Issues

Issue 1: White Light Does Not Turn On During Live Stream
1. **Check Live Stream Settings**:
- Click on the white light button in the live stream interface. If the light doesn't turn on, it might be due to a malfunction.
- **Solution**: Contact customer support to attempt a firmware upgrade. If the issue persists, provide your order number, serial number (SN), and relevant videos for further assistance.

Issue 2: White Light Works in Live Stream But Not During Motion Detection

1. **Enable White Light Warning**:
- Go to the **Alarm Management** section and ensure that **White Light Warning** is enabled. Refer to the provided screenshot for guidance.
- Note: If you haven't set up the sound and light alarm plan (available only for battery-powered cameras requiring a firmware upgrade), the white light will only turn on in low-light conditions. If the ambient light is sufficient, the white light will not activate.

2. **Adjust Night Vision Mode**:
- In the **Image Settings**, set the night vision mode to **Full-Color Mode**. Pls note the white light will only turn on in low-light conditions

### Additional Steps
Contact Support: If the problem persists, reach out to customer support. Provide your order number, SN number, and a video showing the rotation issue. Mention the steps you've already taken to avoid redundant requests.

The serial number usually starts with 10 or 11 and can be found on a sticker labeled "SN:" or within the app's camera information section.

Email: customer@zumimall.com
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