What could I do if the camera could not be charged?

If your camera won't charge, try these steps:

1. Check Power Source: Ensure your adapter, outlet, and USB cable are working. Try plugging in another device to confirm this. Or try to change them.

2. Clean Charging Port: Remove dust or debris from the port with compressed air or a brush.

3. Hold Power Button: Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds when charging to force-start the camera.

4. Contact Support: If issues persist, contact customer support. Provide your order number, SN number and a video of the charging process. ention the steps you've already taken to prevent redundant requests.

The serial number usually starts with 10 or 11 and can be found on a sticker labeled "SN:" or within the app's camera information section.

Email: customer@zumimall.com

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